Roger W.'s Advice

☀Summer is here, and this tip will help to keep your hair healthy! Prior to swimming completely wet your hair with tap water to protect it from chlorinated pools. It helps to slow down the absorption of chlorine because your hair is like a sponge and will take on less water when wet. The less chlorine your hair absorbs the healthier it will feel and look 😉🙎
Don't forget to rinse off after swimming as well! This helps to deter the chemicals off of your hair and skin, and keeps you looking great as the summer heat rises.

Gunnar Forstrom
5 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Wonderful

1) Be kind✌️☮️

Kindness goes a long way. The world can always use more kindness and so can the people around you. Acts of kindness are often accompanied by emotional warmth which produces the hormone oxytocin in the brain and spreads throughout the body. Oxytocin causes the release of a chemical called nitric oxide that travels into your blood vessels and reduces blood pressure! Kindness is contagious and linked to healthier hearts.

2) Be active

Your body loves to move! Being active will bring about many benefits, such as improving your mood, sleeping better, increased energy, stronger bones and muscles, reduces stress, and lowers risk for lots of health problems.

3) Meditate

Meditating prevents you from a dangerous productivity myth, multitasking. Constantly switching from activity to activity drains your brain and induces the feeling of being dissatisfied with whatever you are working on. Taking 20 minutes out of your day to be mindful and find your focus helps to keep stress levels low. It also helps you to focus on one task until it is completed. Feel free to meditate inside our salon; the chairs are comfy😌

4) Surround yourself with the color blue

Blue is a color that affects us mentally; blues aid in clear thoughts and calming the mind. Psychologically, it is the color of communication and can help with good judgement in life decisions. Blue is the world’s favorite color and can be found in our salon😉💙

5) Disconnect📱

The Internet is such a great resource to gain knowledge, check-in on loved ones, and for entertainment. But, the majority of us spend over 8 hours a day connected to some form of media! Phones and televisions, primarily, consume a third of our day. Being glued to media makes us feel like we have no time left to enjoy anything off of a screen. Try to disconnect for a few hours and see what you can accomplish and experience in a few weeks. You will be surprised by the amount of free time you may actually possess!

The Roger W. Family

I feel wonderful when...

Hallie: being confident in who I am!

Brandon: helping others be the best version of themselves.

Roger: doing something for someone without being asked and smiling at strangers I pass by.

Paula: when I surround myself with people who bring sunshine and love into my life!

Gunnar: making others feel comfortable so they can be their authentic self.